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Peer Review Instructions for Project 4

1. Turn in your Project 4 rough drafts for Peer Feedback by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, August 10 (no grace period). Follow these instructions to post your draft:

  • Go to Discussions in Canvas.
  • Choose the "Peer Review for Project 4" discussion.
  • Post a reply to the Discussion (Canvas Documentation) that includes the following information in the body of the message:
    • Tell your readers what genre you are analyzing and why you chose it in one sentence.
    • Ask your readers to look at anything you are trying to improve. Let them know the kind of advice you need.
    • If relevant, explain anything else you want your readers to know.
  • Provide your rough drafts, using one or both of these options:
    • Attach any documents to the Discussion message. Be sure your file is a *.doc, *.docx, or *.pdf file.
    • Provide a link to your draft in the Discussion message (e.g., for a Google Doc).

2. Respond to the two drafts you have been assigned for Peer Feedback by 11:59 PM on Thursday, August 11 (no grace period). Follow these instructions to provide feedback:

  • Follow the Canvas Documentation to find the drafts you have been assigned. Note that you must have turned in your draft on time to be assigned peer review partners.
  • Write a response to each of the two drafts (Canvas Documentation) that includes the following information:
    • Consider your immediate impression of the document(s), and add a comment to tell your partner your first thoughts.
    • If you notice any spelling errors, punctuation errors, or typos, you can mention them in your comments, but focus more on the content than editing and proofreading.
    • Compare the draft to the rubric included at the bottom of the assignment page, and explain how the project matches the criteria (or doesn’t).
    • Add comments on the content of the draft:
      • Comment on at least three things your classmate does well.
      • Comment on at least three things that your classmate could improve.


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