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Markel, Chapter 10: Writing Job-Application Materials

Application -  pen2Chapter 10 of Markel discusses job-application materials, which is narrowly defined as résumés, application letters, and basic follow-up letters.

Although you may not be writing a résumé and cover letter for this class, you will certainly have to write these documents and keep them updated over the course of your career. Since that’s the case, I want to spend a little time pointing out some useful information you can use when you do work on job application materials.

  • Follow the guidelines on p. 272 as you work on LinkedIn profiles. These key tips can make a difference in how your profile is received by potential employers.

  • Use the example résumés and cover letters in the Career Planning Guide. Career Services publishes information on exactly what recruiters who come to Virginia Tech are looking for. Be sure to take advantage of the resources that Career Services offers. They have workshops, presentations, and even advising appointments.

  • Pay attention to the Networking & Researching section of the Career Planning Guide (pp. 36–42) for tips the other kinds of communication you will need to prepared for.

Reading Quiz

After reading the chapter in Markel, complete the reading quiz in Canvas for Chapter 10.


Photo: Application – pen2 by Flazingo Photos, on Flickr


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