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Intro to Technical Writing

Intro to Technical Writing published on

This is the post for the week of July 5–11, 2016.

This site is the official home for our Summer II 2016 course (CRN #70934). Information on all assignments, weekly activities, and related resources will be posted here. Check this site regularly for the details on what to do for the course.

Overview of the Course Structure

Work through the files in this course overview slideshow for general information on the course:

After you read through the overview, complete the readings and activities for the week, which are all listed below.

Readings for the Week of July 5

For this week, please read the following:

Optional, if you are new to Canvas and need help:

Work for the Week of July 5

Below you will find the activities for the entire week. Feel free to work ahead, or to take advantage of the grace period.

By 11:59 PM Wednesday, July 6

  • Confirm that your notifications in Canvas are set the way you want them. Note that Canvas uses your notification preferences to determine whether to email you or text you (or not tell you at all) about information in the site. See the section "How do I adjust my notification preferences?" in the Student Getting Started with Canvas Guide for more information on setting up your notifications. Note that for any time-critical announcements, I will email the class.

  • If you have any questions about the syllabus or course logistics, reply to the Discussion for "Questions about the Syllabus and/or Course Logistics." If you have what feels like a personal question, you can email me.

  • Quiz in Canvas:
    • Once you understand the information for the course and any questions you have are answered, Take the "Syllabus Verification Quiz" to confirm that you have read the Syllabus and information on course logistics. See the policies for quizzes on the course logistics page.
    • If you need more time, you have a one-day grace period for this quiz that ends at 11:59 PM Eastern on Thursday, July 7.
  • Discussions in Canvas:

    • Note that for most discussions you will be working in small groups again to help manage the conversation. It’s hard to have a conversation with 22 people, so I have arranged the class into three groups.
    • Choose the “Readings on Professional Bio Statements” topic in Canvas, and discuss what you read from the articles on the Getting Started on Project 1 page with the members of your group.
    • Choose the "Analyzing Example Bio Statements" topic in Canvas, and post your observations on the examples for Project 1 using the discussion questions in Canvas.
    • If you need more time, you have a one-day grace period for this two discussions that ends at 11:59 PM Eastern on Thursday, July 7.

By 11:59 PM on Thursday, July 7
Post your draft, following the instructions on the course website.

By 11:59 PM Friday, July 8
Give feedback to the two classmates who are assigned to you, following the instructions on the course website.

After 12:01 AM on Saturday, July 9
Revise your draft based on the peer feedback you received, using the Canvas Documentation to find your peers’ feedback.

By 11:59 PM Monday, July 11
Submit your revised draft, following these instructions. If you need more time, use the two-day grace period and turn in your work by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, July 13. Remember that there are no revisions or rewrites after your work is graded.

Getting Ahead on Your Readings and Quizzes

I am allowing a week for you to receive your textbook. Next week, there will be a heavy amount of reading to cover all the introductory information. If you want to get ahead and you have the text, here is what to read:

A quiz will be posted for each of these chapters. Additional readings will be posted for next week.


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