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Tips for Project 1

Tips for Project 1 published on

I have skimmed your drafts in the peer review Discussion, and I have some general tips for you as you finalize your project.

  1. Pay attention to the feedback from your peer review partners. Read through their feedback, and (assuming you agree) make the changes they suggest.
  2. Read through the rubric for the assignment and compare it to your draft before you submit it. In only one or two cases, did I notice any attention to visual design or the use of images, both of which are required for an A.
  3. Be sure that you compose the final version of your work in Microsoft Word (or another word processor). Save your file as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file before you submit it.
  4. Always spellcheck your work before you turn it in. Watch for simple errors that will lower your grade.


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